Glass Sliding Partition – Low Acoustic

Low profile glass acoustic sliding folding / stacking partitions are designed for spaces where basic sound control, long term durability and open views with light transmission are needed.

Minimal frame 95mm x 95mm provides for maximum daylight. More glass and less frame also means open sight lines and better visibility.

This unique combination makes it perfect for use in schools, hospitals, office buildings, commercial centers – anywhere that groups gather to communicate while being seen — but not heard.

Acoustic sliders

Acoustic sliders enable visual connectivity of spaces and also the transfer of natural light. Thus, the acoustic sliders make the perfect product to create a dynamic environment in the offices or schools thus enhancing the employees and students well being.

At Malrox, we offer Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition which fit seamlessly into any environment reducing the reverberation and noise level in a room.

Acoustic glass materials find their used mainly as office partitions. The most important advantages of a glass foldable partition are that it facilitates an open environment and minimizes sound. In a busy working area, double glazed glass sliding partitions are some of the most efficient at preventing noise pollution.

Low height partition

The Acoustic Sliding Panels for offices can also be designed on low height partition as they are easy to install, re-configure and dismantle, hence providing dynamic work environments. Low partition design facilitates the creation of individual work spaces as required right from open-plan office layouts, small cubicles to cabins to large conference rooms.

Sliding partition

Malrox is a leading sliding partition manufacturer as we provide the best quality slider partition.

Aside from enhancing privacy and reducing noise, Low Acousitic Folding Sliding Partition can also accommodate changes in the layout of a room. With their simple construction, you can move the Low Acoustic Movable Partition wherever you want them, without having to hire a remodeler or hire any tools. Choosing the right type of Folding Wall Systems for your room will help you create the ideal environment for your business. You can choose the colors, design, and style of the Acoustic Operable Wall to suit the decor of your space.

Glass partition 

We are the largest glass partition manufacturers in India. We are involved in manufacturing of glass slider, sliding folding glass partition, glass sliding partition, as well as semi glass partition. Owing to our best services, we are a leading sliding partition manufacturer.

Advantages Of Adjustable Partition Walls

Using Low Acoustic Glass Wall in offices is one way to create separate spaces. Low Acoustic Folding Walls prevent trip hazards in offices and increase the intelligibility of sound. This means that you will be able to concentrate on your work without being distracted. It’s also possible to use them in restaurants to increase privacy and reduce distractions. And as you may know, they cost less than permanent walls. If you’re looking for new Low Acoustic Glass Office Partitions, you’ve come to the right place.


Low Acoustic Partition Wall Details

  • No floor channel required
  • Aluminium top track
  • Tough proven hardware
  • Flexible layout designs
  • Interlocking astragels
  • Pivot door possible

Product Specification

  • Max leaf mass: 100kg
  • Max leaf height: 3000mm
  • Max leaf width: 1200mm
  • Leaf thickness: 75 mm

Product Components

  • Aluminium top track
  • Hangers
  • Stacking rig – to suit layout
  • Flush bolt
  • Brush welt
  • Custom sized acoustic : single glazed panels
  • Single glazed panels : 38 dB reduction

Product Components

Malrox movable partitions are supported on tracks from above — no floor tracks to get in the way, no tripping hazards, no interference or limitations on clear floor space and no crevices to collect debris.


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