Malrox has successfully provided quality, custom manufactured sound resistant partitions and movable partitions since 2004.
We are motivated by the constant drive to better our products as well as ourselves.
Malrox is a custom manufacturer, which means that our customers are not constrained by standard colour and sizing. For more information regarding the colouring, sizing, and pricing of potential projects, please contact us.
Malrox is a custom manufacturer of multiple product lines, each product is unique to the project it is being designed for, the lead time will vary based on current workload, material lead time, and team availability. For lead time regarding a specific project, please contact us. for more information.
Yes, we offer a complete service including the design, build and installation of your partition system.
Yes, as a manufacturer of commercial partitions, we regularly export to them to overseas contractors, hoteliers and architects directly who then arrange the installation. Our guarantee does not cover systems that are not installed by us.
No, we provide a full service covering site survey, design, build and installation of your partition so you do not need to employ any additional companies.
If you are already using another contractor for other work then we co ordinate with them to ensure a smooth process.
Yes, if you already have technical information or drawings then we can use them to quote for and provide shop drawings for the selected product.
No, generally there is no need for planning permission to erect an operable wall as it is a flexible structure. There are restrictions on internal changes to some listed buildings so if this is the case you may need to seek approval.
Yes, we conduct site visits and surveys where required and in the vast majority of cases, this is covered within the price of the product.
We are always happy to make a no-obligation site visit to help you to work out the best system for your requirements.
The frequency of servicing depends on the particular product you have and how much it is used. We would generally recommend an annual inspection of all types of products but more frequently where the system is in very frequent use. For more information, please contact us.