Semi- Automatic / Solid Operable Partitions In Iran

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Malrox is a leading provider of Semi-automatic and Solid Operable Partitions in Isfahan, Iran. Solid Operable Partitions includes a panel which can be transferred easily one at a time. It can be interlocked to create a partition wall, and also can produce a noise seal towards the top and bottom of partition. This system allows to set up the biggest of the contacts with minimal efforts. Solid Operable Partitions can be moved and placed in the position away from the original opening. These partitions provide all the benefits and appearance of a solid partition wall with increased acoustics. It combines place flexibility and noise compression effect to different areas like the office or retail places. We, at Malrox, are offering semi-automatic and solid operable partitions in Tehran, Iran. 

We provide these operable partitions for various regions according to the requirements. These movable solid partitions are acoustically handled and visually elegant for the interior. The Solid Operable Partitions has top trails for support, and they don’t require ground tracks. The frames of these Operable partitions provide incredible power and maximum sound insulation. We, Malrox, offer these Solid Operable Partitions to use in multi-function halls, meeting areas, ballrooms, schools, houses, banquet hall, education areas, etc. Our Solid Operable Partitions has characteristics like high quality, reliability, durable service and reasonable prices. We are fulfilling the requirements of engineers, project management consultants, indoor designers, across Iran. These operable partitions are perfect for subdividing wide open areas, and suitable to utilize in functions like multiple conferencing halls, weddings, and meetings.

Semi-automatic Partitions are the perfect solution for dividing areas physically and acoustically. It provides maximum Flexibility and putting great aesthetic value to meeting rooms, offices, gymnasium, schools, etc. Semi-automatic Partitions are perfect to utilize while planning a different event. These Partitions offers a user-friendly option which simply includes functioning comfort with cost efficiency and allows spaces to adjust quickly and smoothly. We, at Malrox, are supplying excellent quality and attractive Semi-Automatic Partitions, which are giving functional comfort that minimizes the requirement for a manual mechanism. With the ability to join the connector to the end face, these partitions can make power supply connections, and thus it can be operated by the main control units. Semi-Automatic Partitions are simple to install, and it is available with the ready to assembly power supply circuit. In case of a power failure, an urgent situation working mechanism is available, which permits sealing strips to actuate manually. These Partitions provides mobility and changeability of the manual model. It does not need ground guides, and hence there are no limitations to the structure setup while implementing these Partitions. 

We, Malrox, are providing these Semi-Automatic Partitions and Solid Operable Partitions as per the demands of clients. This allows us to provide perfectly suitable solutions for each interior adornment planning. We are supplying these partitions in around Ahvaz, Iran. We are providing these partitions with excellent attractiveness, effectiveness, and flexibility at the most reasonable prices.

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