Semi Automatic Operable

Semi Automatic Partitions are designed to meet the most varied design requirements and meet high-performance standards. They guarantee a high level of acoustic insulation and comfort. Its exceptional soundproofing feature satisfies all the needs that appear in applications like requiring flexible room division, sophisticated surface finishes and acoustic efficiency. They are composed of independent modular elements that slide silently with low-friction trolley on ceiling tracks made of extruded aluminium, with no need for a floor guide.

This is the ideal solution for separating spaces physically and acoustically while guaranteeing maximum flexibility and speed, as well as adding great aesthetic appeal to conference halls, meeting rooms, offices, schools, gymnasium and spaces for events.

Sliding partition walls, often referred to as sliding folding partition walls in India, offer a user-friendly solution that combines operating convenience with excellent cost efficiency. These systems enable spaces to adapt quickly and effortlessly as required, making them essential for modern conference facilities.

If you are in need of separating spaces within a building, you may want to consider using Sliding Panel Walls. These Movable Partition Walls For Offices are ideal for dividing large spaces without compromising aesthetics or efficiency. You can choose from many types of semi-automatic partitions, including manual and automatic. The advantages of semi-automatic partitions are its flexibility and ease of use. Moreover, you can adjust their layout easily, without the need to install floor guides or worry about layout limitations.

The process of semi-automatic Sliding Partition Design starts with selecting the components for the partition. The automatic equipment then needs to place them in the horizontal and vertical positions. It requires complex mechanisms to move the stack elements. This way, the process of semi-automatic partition assembly can be carried out quickly and efficiently. It also requires a minimum of human intervention to avoid potential errors.

These systems are easy to operate, with only one button. The Sliding Partition Walls For Home are also silent, with cutting-edge noise-reduction technology to minimize unwanted noise during operation.


Features Of Semi Automatic Operable Partitions

Operating Convenience

Semi Automatic Partitions offers operating convenience that eliminates the need for manual mechanism of hand operated cranks. With the facility to connect the connector to the end face which creates power feed connections, the user only has to operate the central control units. The sealing strips and telescopic elements extend and retract control under electronic control. The individual elements are separated by means of an easily actuated toggle lever in the vertical profile, enabling them to be pushed along in an effortless sliding movement.

Along with the semi automatic operable partitions, the Folding Sliding Partition is also acoustically treated and aesthetically very elegant for your interior needs. The use of Sliding Walls Interior systems make your space comfortable and exactly fits your requirement.

Optimum Sound Insulation

As soon as the Sliding Folding Wall gets closed, all the sealing strips are automatically extended in accordance with the specified contact pressure. This guarantees optimum sound insulation as well as enhancing the stability of the system.

Quick and Easy To Install

The installation of Sliding Office Partitions is effortless. It is supplied with the ready for connection to the power supply circuit (24 V/DC). In the event of power failure, an emergency operating mechanism is also available so that the sealing strips can be manually actuated.

Optimum Space Utilization

The Semi Automatic Partition offers flexibility and variability of the manual model. It requires no floor guides, so they are no limitations to the layout configuration and parking arrangement that can be implemented. Such partition can also be equipped with integrated glazed and pass door elements.

Flexibility On The Visual Front

The cover paneling of the system can be easily replaced in the event of room redesigning or one cladding surface is damaged, as it is hung in acoustic suspension and removal of each basic element is necessary.

Sliding Folding Partition Price

The price of Sliding Folding Partition usually ranges between Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000 per Square Feet based on the personalized requirement of the customer.

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