Glass Sliding Partition – High Acoustic

The rich and beauty of Glass Sliding Folding Partitions brings not only natural light but added elegance into your space. Our Glass Sliding Folding Partitions is built to last, constructed of double sealed glass panel and aluminium frames for maximum durability.

If you are considering the installation of high profile Acoustic Glass Partition in your home or business, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Glass Sliding Folding System are extremely versatile and can be easily modified according to the complex architectural requirements. High Acoustic Movable Wall gives the ultimate freedom for customization, the partitions can be easily styled with the required colors and glass finishing getting the desired look and feel and matching with the decor of the space.

Here are some benefits of choosing High Acoustic Sliding Glass Wall Partition.

Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition offers strength, versatility, and elegance stemming from a system design on detail and sturdy construction. The tracks of the Glass Sliding Folding Partition can be arranged in a variety of configurations. The sliding panels of High Acoustic Partition Walls can be moved without floor guides or channels, and are easy to adjust, align and operate.

In addition, Glass Operable Partitions are highly acoustic and can achieve up to 50 dB sound ratings.

High Acoustic Movable Wall offer excellent sound insulation, versatility, and a unique design. And, they can match your existing walls, too.

The prime advantage of our glass partitioning system is – No floor channel required, Aluminium top track.


  • Double glazing 4” (95 mm) air space for Acoustic Folding Partition Walls
  • Custom sized Acoustic Folding Partition: double glazed panels
  • Double glazed panels : 50 dB reduction
  • Interlocking astragal
  • Individual panel
  • Retractable bottom seals
  • Superior acoustics


  • Laboratory tested STC of 50
  • Allows optional remote-controlled horizontal blinds
  • Ensures a rigid flat wall
  • Enhanced layout flexibility
  • Stacking Options: lateral, remote, or center
  • 8 /10 mm tempered glass compliant with ASTM C1048
  • Openable pass door incorporated within the panel for easy access to the partitioned area

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