Glass Sliding Stacking System

Glass Sliding Stacking System is an excellent system known for its transparency, elegance and brightness. It brings flexibility to your design and opens up boundless possibilities for enclosing spaces only when needed without blocking light.

It is composed of a single sheet of tempered glass and an almost invisible frame to create an all-glass effect. It slides silently on ceiling aluminium tracks and is locked by means of a single snap mechanism. While it is open, the panels stack into a parking bay.

Indoor Glass Walls includes top hung, frameless Industrial Glass Wall with top and bottom slim rails and glass bolt. It requires no floor tracks. It offers flexible layout designs and is fully customizable in terms of color and finish.

Interior Frameless Glass Doors are versatile and frequently used in offices, restaurants, hotels and educational facilities. The ability to round corners, span unlimited expanses and move completely out of sight when completely open, makes Interior Glass Partition are an ideal choice for office and hotel conference rooms and other multi-utility spaces.

An Interior Glass Wall can help you make the most of your space. It not only looks great, but it also provides unmatched acoustic benefits. Interior Glass Wall Panels are great for schools, hospitals, and offices.

Interior Glass Wall Systems are more temporary than traditional drywall installations, making them suitable for offices with a high degree of design and style. Interior Glass Partition wall allow natural light to enter the work area and reduce the need for additional lighting. Interior Glass Room Dividers can also create distinct rooms and workspaces.

Interior Glass Office Partitions have a variety of options when it comes to internal Collapsible Sliding Glass Doors. From pivot doors to hinged glass doors, glass partitions can meet almost any style or functional need. The important thing is to choose the right type of Glass Doors which makes the process of Installing Glass Panels effortless.

Specification of Glass Sliding Stacking System

  • Max leaf mass: 100 Kg
  • Max leaf height: 2400 mm
  • Max leaf width: 1000 mm
  • Glass: Tempered Glass 8 / 10 / 12 mm

The area of a single sliding leaf is related to all other factors


Regardless of the line or model, all systems offer strength, versatility, and elegance stemming from a system
design focused on detail and sturdy construction.

  • Track can be arranged in a variety of configurations.
  • Sliding panels can be moved without using floor guides or channels.
  • Bolts and locks secure each sliding panel in position.
  • The panels are easy to adjust, align, and operate.

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