Non Acoustic Sliding Partitions In Kenya

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Malrox is a leading producer, provider, and exporter of high-quality Non-Acoustic Moving Partition, movable wall , and Glass Sliding Stacking System in Eldoret, Kenya. We are offering a wide variety of Non-Acoustic Sliding Partition. This Non-Acoustic Sliding Partition is widely required products in the industrial sectors. It has unique functions which make them ideal for complicated applications. We are manufacturing the broadest range of Moving folding partitions and movable office partitions. We offer these items according to the requirements of our valuable customers or by considering the industrial requirements.

Non-Acoustic Sliding Partition produced by using a horizontal controller, attached to the ceiling of workspace which are manufactured depending on expected design. Our base track moving folding panels system is easy, prompt and harmless. The major feature of Malrox’ Non-Acoustic Sliding Partition is echo-dividing and requires less place for installation. The main advantage of our non-acoustic sliding partition is that it is fully personalized, can be installed at any time, and can effectively and quickly decrease echo level. Additionally, it gives privacy during meetings or confidential discussions.

We provide room divider in various forms and designs. Our straight sliding panels can be used as common office panels.These non-acoustic Sliding Partitions are work flawlessly into any atmosphere and make the area artistically excellent. At, Malrox, we offer Non-Acoustic panels with great flexibility and strength that help to set up multiple rooms and office restoration in Kenya. With the use of the aluminium structure component, the workplace or areas can be split by a single entrance with the addition of any Acoustic sliding partitions. Our Non-Acoustic sliding Partitions are delivered by aluminium top track with square frames for keeping the partition walls. These room dividers are fabricated with best quality aluminium forms on top and base, with flat stiffeners which are making a non-bouncing and sturdy structure. This partition is ideal for complicated workspace or rooms patterns, and it can also simply personalized with distinctive design.
Non-Acoustic Sliding panels are properly close-fitted with broom closes at the top and base. The moving part of Sliding Partitions are manufactured with top quality substance, and their outside finish can be made of good quality Mica or plastic-coated panel, wood surface, fabric, and glass. 

At Malrox, we are making many attractive partitions which are manufactured by top quality materials to offer long-lasting service life. Our skilled staff provide impressive services for the installation in Kenya. Usually, we offer 75 mm or 100 mm of width of Non-Acoustic moving panels that close-fitted with bottom- attached dirt-free stoppers. Our movable office partitions provide reliability and enhances structural beauty of the office with sturdy and effective structures. It also offers protected or open section frame border. In room divider, folding covers support for trouble-free movement of partition panels. Our Non-Acoustic sliding partitions are generally found in commercial areas such as Auditoriums corridor, Fitness center, multipurpose halls, Studio, Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, hospitality services, educations institutions, corporates offices, etc across Nairobi, Kenya.

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