Divide with solid movable partitions to Maximise Change

The front line business warriors require some peace and quiet. Strengthen Organizational Resilience… with Malrox Operable Partitions.
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The front line business warriors require some peace and quiet. Strengthen Organizational Resilience… with Malrox Operable Partitions.

Frontline customer-facing managers make a key CEO constituency, as important and deserving of attention as the senior executive team, business unit, and functional heads. Major disruptions in traditional business models adapting to extreme situations is accelerated to sail the tide with unanticipated shifts in technologies and strategy to the framework of sustenance and a profitable road map for the future.

While it’s no longer good enough for companies and its people to keep executing past routines, executing a new strategy is no simpler than thinking of a new one.

A shift in work culture paramount to safety and responsiveness to new dimensions of operations. Largely focusing on productivity involving human-machine collaboration, companies are adopting almost 10 years of workspace progress – the use of digital collaboration tools and video as default.

Frontline managers are the key to bringing such an organization to life. Services reflecting on company performance is leveraged by supportive imagination with movable walls, technology, and safety awareness.

The new normal calls for a new approach to respond to opportunities rapidly. Instead of focusing, as usual, on high-travel costs to maximize short-term results, sales reps need to become more professional, more focused on building deep, long-lasting customer relationships by conserving their energies to focus on new possibilities.

Although a very pragmatic way of strengthening organizational resilience, the new normal/new approach has its own set of setbacks. When selling from office; particularly one with limited space, operations require privacy to restrain conversations being overheard… (especially pertaining to restructuring of the said firm).

Malrox provides sliding folding partition for offices that ensure utmost privacy.

With phones always ringing and endless topics to be discussed, busy office environments can be loud, unsafe and unhygienic. Our Sound Proof Partitions allow you to speak and discuss freely without worrying about other people listening in, an ideal solution for dynamic interior space division. Produced in various models to suit the most varied architectural requirements.

Our movable walls offer the effective division of space with the utmost flexibility. With a high acoustic ratings, you can be assured that once installed and implemented that you will notice the peace and quiet almost instantly.

Malrox’s acoustic sliding folding partition has an exceptional soundproofing property that satisfies all the requirements that arise in application like requiring flexible room division, sophisticated surface finishes and acoustic efficiency.

“Success of staying afloat lies in the ability to absorb and operationalize new knowledge to meet the current changing context, critical in surviving the pandemic. Both of these functions require physical space that MALROX provides with movable partition walls for office; essential for competing in this shift.”

With over 16 years experience, MALROX has built up a portfolio of clients and institutions through providing innovative solutions and outstanding customer service. Taking each project from the initial concept, through to manufacture installation and on-going maintenance.

Our success can be seen vide our client profile, all those who use our folding partitions for meeting rooms & banquets. Our customer trust has enabled us to cross borders and serve brands in various countries in the Middle East, Mauritius, and Africa.

We look forward to opportunities of working with you as we continue to push boundaries to embrace the culture shift to achieve new goals in the new normal.