We are a professionally managed retail / project selling oriented company offering products like sliding door ,movable glass wall, room divider/movable wall,wall bed hardware,glass sliding systems to name a few. Our principles are the best in the international market meeting ISO, ANSI, Euro Norm, UL listing and other international standards for stringent testing and quality control thus giving premium solutions.
We at Malrox are professionally trained in product knowledge so as to offer the appropriate solution to our esteemed customers which is achieved by identifying core requirements reinforced with a strong logical approach to provide a comprehensive solution
Movable Walls
Our mode of constructing a panel is to have special EXTRUDED aluminum profiles on both ends....
Sound Resistant Movable Glass Partition
Our flexible separating wall system was the latest in movable walls and equipped with the safety mark....
Residential Line of Movable Walls
Offers the ideal way of separating one room both physically and acoustically into two or more independent domestic areas....
Metal / Wood Sliding Systems
We are dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of quality sliding door solutions and products....
Glass Sliding Systems
Our range of straight sliding and folding internal systems offer maximum flexibility in creating Extra space.....
Wall Bed Hardware
We are dedicated to the design Slim Line Bed Hardware,Single Bed Hardware....
Sofa Bed Hardware

Introducing a new line of Sofa Bed Hardware

We choose Malrox for the partition walls ,sliding door hardware and hidden beds for our projects. Thanks to your professional service, all products were received and installed in time making this a wonderful experience. We look forward to working with you again!
Mr. Jaishanker